FOR FIVE THOUSAND-FIVE HUNDRED years the devil tried his worst and decided to destroy the world. He urged some men to worship as God the sun, others the moon, others the earth, others the sea, others birds, and other land animals. The devil planted in the hearts of men to hate women, and women to hate men, so they would not marry and have children and increase the population. In this way men didn't take care to have children, and even more, the devil caused them to fall into homosexuality and other filthy acts which even dogs and donkeys don't commit.Wishing to end the evil, the most gracious God commanded that whoever doesn't have children will be cursed.

        Hearing this, and fearing God's curse, they began to marry, one man taking one woman, and one woman one man. If perchance there is anyone here who can't have children, let him not be sad, for God doesn't mean for you to be cursed, because you can't have children. I too don't have children, and if I'm cursed, so are you. God spoke this curse to stop the evil purpose of the devil. So don't be sad; you have no curse. But again if you want to have a child, it is easy. Take a poor child and make him your spiritual child. You will rejoice and be glad and he will rejoice too.

      God owes you nothing for the child which your wife presents you because it resulted from the passion of flesh. But for that poor child you have wages a thousand times from God for your soul and honor from people because you so willingly made it your spiritual child.And you who are a man must be careful not to look upon your wife with anger because she has not conceived any children. Your wife has no fault in this; it is God's will. And don't do as someone crazy and foolish did. Because his wife couldn't have children, he divorced her and married another. And another, because his wife didn't give birth to boys but only to girls, divorced her. It is the devil who wants a husband and wife to separate and not God. As the laws says, nothing can cause them to divorce except if they commit adultery, and whoever leaves his wife and takes another, he will be judged an adulterer.

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