The sleeples enemy of man is the devil. Who is he, how to battle with him, and how to confront him? Τhis book is available in English



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     Modern technology allows us to share Christian doctrine through the Internet.  Orthodoxy proclaims Jesus Christ as our Savior, it teaches the word of God and calls all people to partake in this.


    Orthodox Monasticism maintains Apostolic tradition,  living by the faith and teachings of our Church Fathers for our journey to the heavenly kingdom. We offer gratitude to our visitors and hope that our website benefits you. 

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“Our world is guided by two principles and sources: God and the devil. All that is better in the world of men has its source in God, and all that is bad has the devil as its principle and source. In the final account, all good comes from God, and all evil from the devil. “

– St. Justin Popovich, Explanation of I John 3:11

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