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Everyone is familiar with the prolific Saint Nicodemus of the Holy Mount Athos. Who amongst us here is unaware of the book, Spiritual Exercises, which was written by this enlightened Saint? Who has become a monk and has not studied Unseen Warfare? Which spiritual father has not intrigued from The Rudder; the book which contains the Canons of the Holy Apostles, Ecumenical Synods and the Saints of Orthodoxy, along with the work of the Exomologitarion known as A Manual of Confession?  It’s rare to find a spiritual person who has not studied the book The Spiritual Life and the Five Senses or the writings of Christian Morality. Furthermore, within the theological circle, St. Nicodemus is known for his interpretation of the Epistles of the Apostle Paul and the Seven Catholic Epistles, as well as many other spiritual works. To many confessors, as well as spiritual fathers, his Manual of Confession, known as the Exomologitarion, ends with the acclaimed “Words of Repentance”, which we will present in the Modern Greek language. We believe this piece of writing could be beneficial towards one’s spiritual life along with the results it could bring. It proves to individuals the meaning of true repentance and its impact on one’s salvation. Last, but not least, it shows the points of true forgiveness which we need to acquire for our sins to, in turn, lead us to be forgiven by our Lord. At this point it should be noted that, once reading this book and sincerely comprehending its authentic meaning and value, one should feel shivers of awe going right through them.

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